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What to wear in a first date - Armenian Men Edition

Making the right decisions is always a challenge, and overthinking it doesn’t really help. But when it comes to picking the right outfit for that right occasion many of us stumble upon that. There is a general perception that Armenian men don’t feel as much pressure on their first dates as Armenian women, at least that’s what many women believe. For one thing, men don’t have a lot of choices in picking the right outfits; they are only limited to pair of pants and a shirt/T-shirt, whereas women have variety of options including picking a skirt with a matching top, or perhaps a nice dress, or even a nice pair of paints. Of course, with each of those outfits the right shoes and the right accessories are a must. So does that mean that Armenian men are off the hook on their first dates? Of course not!


Let’s discuss an Armenian woman’s perspective on what men should wear on their first date. Neutral! Neutral! Neutral! Neutrals always win. People have different tastes for outfits, and to avoid being judged for their choice of outfits, it would be better to pick something neutral.

As a man, whether picking a pair of slacks or denim, a dress shirt/polo shirt or a T-shirt, sneakers or dress shoes, it is important to bear in mind that too fashionable and excessively trendy, would not make his Armenian date happy, and the reason being that the Armenian woman does not appreciate men who are overly into themselves. Of course, that also includes avoiding wearing anything that has obvious big brand names all over the shirt/pants or big brand buckled belts. Jewelry including oversized rings, bracelets and big chains can also become targets for disappointments on a first date.

Color choice is another important aspect of the first date to carefully consider for a man. Also, from an Armenian woman’s perspective, heavily gelled hair and overpowering cologne scents, would, sure, be big turn-offs as well.

So far, we discussed most of the things that men should avoid wearing on their first date, and advised that being as neutral, as much as possible, would most likely win men another date. Understandably, women don’t like to be overdressed by men, therefore an Armenian woman for her date prefers casually elegant and crisp clean look including nicely groomed, clean cut nails and polished shoes. Needless to add that even though men’s chosen outfit on their first date largely depends on where they take their date to, their elegant casual look would be complete with a simple and nicely tailored blazer.

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