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Armenia is full of people who are highly educated. The Armenian people are very smart and equipped with the right skills that can create a high level of innovation and technology. They are so skilled that they can transform Armenia into a technology hub in the region. Software and other IT services have already been exported by Armenia to various parts of the world and this is not surprising anymore given the fact that Armenia is well known to be the hub for research and technology development in the past. It can be a bit surprising however that even though Armenia can give 3G access to almost all parts of the nation, less than 50% of Armenian people actually pay attention to this. Most are not even aware that they could market a lot of software to various parts of the world in a more aggressive manner, so marketing is something that should improve. If this aspect can be improved, Armenia will truly be on its way to become a technology hub. Some ideas to market Armenia's technology:
  • Increase the level of English of those IT people
  • Lobby at big companies to introduce Armenia as a hub for lower cost of delivering IT & software tasks.
  • Organize IT fairs in country and join all fairs in the West
  • Create an institution to market country's young IT skills
Are you aware that there are some people from Armenia who are working or used to work at top digital companies? Avie Tevanian is one such person. He used to be the vice president and chief software technology at Apple. Katherine Safarian is another person from Armenia who currently works at Pixar. There are still a lot of people who are working in various companies all over the world. There is a big chance that when you open your eyes, you will realize that investing in Armenia may be a good thing that you just should not miss. One interesting event that took place last years was ArmTech'15 Congress, the 8th Global Armenian High Tech Business Conference, under the high patronage of the Prime Minister of Armenia. ArmTech is aimed at further expanding the frontiers of Armenian high-tech industry promotion and attracting new participants and prominent representatives of the global technology community.
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