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Armenians are well acquainted when it comes to traditional wedding rituals. Armenia weddings are full of culture and are unique in their rights. Below we share some of our most favorite things about Armenian couples big day. Similarly to the U.S and UK, it's expected that the man requests permission from the bride-to-be's father for his daughter's hand in marriage. In Armenia and contrast to western countries, it's customary for the union request to be carried out over dinner. The special occasion can vary but often involves gifts of floral arrangements, tea service, chocolate, and cognac. Also, a priest is usually present to bless the engagement rings. Moreover, the night before Armenian weddings it's expected that the groom's family deliver perfectly wrapped presents for the future bride. Many Armenians choose gifts such as perfume, chocolates or cognac as well as shoes that the bride will wear. Also, family photos are placed all around the bride's house along with lovely decorations. Family and friends prepare many delicious foods. Traditionally, in Armenia, the bride and groom will organize themselves in their homes on the morning of the wedding. Music plays while the groom gets ready, the bride is surrounded by her close friends and family photos in the comfort of her home. While there are many different wedding traditions, below are some of the most enticing ones:
  • If the bride has a brother, he should put some money in her wedding shoe to bring good luck. The brother should ensure that he places the shoe on his sister's foot to complete the ritual!
  • All of the bridesmaids should write their signature on the bottom of the bride's wedding shoes. After each of the bridesmaids celebrates their marriage, their name is crossed off from the list (assuming that they aren't already married).
  • Interestingly, the bride's veil is placed over many of her single friends' heads before she wears it herself. It's believed that such behavior will bring happiness for her friends.
  • Most Armenian brides will not be seen without a blue charm with an eye (Atchka Ooloonk). Armenia people believe that this shields people from the envious green eye.
  • Unlike many cultures, in Armenian's love to have a crowning ceremony at their weddings. The best man stands in the middle of the bride and groom and holds a cross over them.
  • An extremely popular tradition at Armenian wedding ceremonies involves a toast, during which all the guests cheer while chanting 'May you grow old with one pillow'. This phrase is often seen on many wedding invitations as well.
  • Although a little crazy, the bride's family traditionally steals her shoe and holds it for ransom!
After the wedding ceremony is complete, the newlyweds and their guests enjoy the wedding reception. This usually consists of dancing, drinking, and eating and is very enjoyable. Around 200-500 guests attend a typical wedding, although this can be a lot more at times. Receptions are often held in big banquet halls where traditional Armenian cuisines are shared among family and friends.
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