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An Armenian date: Dos and Don'ts


A first date can be a dreading and stressful experience for both Armenian men and women. But in this article, let’s make these waters a little less daunting for all Armenians:

  1. An important do on a first date for an Armenian person is to be themselves. From an Armenian woman’s perspective, being themselves means being comfortable in their own skin, which, in turn, would relieve them from their first date anxiety and engage in a conversation confidently.
  2. This leads us to our next important dos: never fear asking. The only way they can learn about each other date is by asking questions, and that alone would provide them with ample information about their date’s background, family and goals.
  3. Another important do for Armenians on their first date, is to observe. Observing every facial expression and behavior, would certainly be decisive for potential dates with the same person.
  4. The fourth do on our list is to listen which is an important component not only for a fist the date but also for any relationship; listen and to be listened, and you’ll never go wrong with that. In addition, listening patiently makes the date more interesting and thought provoking.
  5. Finally, though our fifth do, but it is as crucial as the rest of the dos, and that is to analyze all the things asked, listened to, observe. Thoroughly analyzing would determine the next move.
  6. An important don't for both Armenian men and women that should be taken seriously, is making promises, or sending out the wrong signals ahead of time. If you doesn’t feel a connection than be it, on to the next one, without making promises and giving hopes to your date.
  7. Fourthly, our next don’t is to force it, just because your Armenian date is a good candidate but your have no chemistry whatsoever, let it be the end.
  8. Lastly, for Armenian women and men, refrain from arguing on a first date. There are issues/topics that can be very sensitive and when one is passionate about those issues, it’s easy to get off the track.
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