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HyeSingles is frequented by thousands of single Armenian men who have also decided to seek their Armenian soulmate online.

WSHyeSingles has been connecting Armenian singles since 2002.

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There are many online dating websites available on the Internet; however, for Armenian women looking for love online, none of them compares to HyeSingles is frequented by thousands of single Armenian men who have also decided to seek their Armenian soulmate online. The site is simple to use and benefits from industry-leading member support. Our goal is to make your love journey as pleasant and successful as possible.

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To sign up to HyeSingles you'll need to create a profile. We'll guide you through the process to make it fun and fast. Although you can technically use the site without a photo, we don't recommend it. Profiles with photos get MUCH more attention. So upload your photo and you'll be done building your basic profile (usually 5 minutes or less). Don't worry, you'll be able to add more info to your profile later.

Having completed your basic profile and uploaded your photo, you'll now be ready to start connecting with other members. This is where it begins to get exciting and your heart starts pounding a little more.

During the next hours and days, you will get virtually introduced to a whole bunch of (hopefully) interesting and (definitely) single people. You'll tell us who you like and we'll do everything we can to connect you with these people. As you explore the site, keep "liking" the profiles that are interesting. If someone likes you back, you'll have a connection!

By now, you may already be beginning to receive notifications letting you know that other members are viewing your profile. That's us working behind the scenes to promote you as a wonderful eligible single person. Potential matches are finding your profile and reading it. Soon, you'll be receiving likes and making connections.

You first instinct will be to "look in the mirror" and check out your own profile. That's probably a good time to add more photos, and answer more of the many profile questions available. Let your personality flow through your words. More informative profiles get more views!

Alright... you have an awesome profile and you've made a couple connections. Nice. Now what? You may at first hesitate because this is a decisive step, but eventually, you'll click the Chat icon. And this is when it becomes real.

There's a real, interesting and hopefully charming person chatting back at you. You have made a Real Connection on HyeSingles. From there, it's all up to you...

Countless Armenian men and women have found true love through, and many have even ended up getting married. Even more have forged lifelong friendships. We invite you to give us a try. We will try our hardest to get you hitched!

Love is a wonderful thing that knows no boundaries. For the chance to find the Armenian man of your dreams, register today and experience the future of online dating.

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