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There are several alarming environmental issues in the Armenian geography currently. Here are some of the regions of Armenia and their present environmental conditions:
  1. Tavush Region
Capture It seems that the people in Tavush Region are not sure at all why they are being asked about their environmental issues. This is even due to the fact that they have been shown some cartoons about how their environment is being affected. It seems that some people here are getting their trash and they are all throwing the trash on the river. This can of course be bad for the environment and the main goal here is to make sure that people will be more aware of the bad effects of the things that they are doing.
  1. Syunik Region
Capture Syunik Region is actually located at the Southern tip of Armenia. This is highly different from Tavush mainly because there are a lot of vehicles that are available. The place is modern but the fact still remains that the trash that people are getting are still being thrown in the Voghji River. This makes the river even more polluted than before.
  1. Lori Region
Capture The main issue of Lori Region is the mines that are available. There are open pits that are available so people are inhaling all of the fumes coming from the mines. Aside from the fumes, the heat in some parts of this region may also be unbearable and caused by the mines. People should pay close attention to the environment of Armenia at present time so that it can be saved and even improved in the future.
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