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Vegetarians always look at the world in a different way. In this world wherein a lot of meat dishes are available, it can be a bit hard to resist everything. Most Vegetarians start out becoming Vegetarians because of the videos that they have seen about how animals are slaughtered for food. Eating vegetables seem to be a better option but it can still be hard to remain a Vegetarian when there are not a lot of food choices that are available.
Baki Kufta Peanut Butter Stuffed Wheat Ball
Havgitov Kufta Bulghour With Eggs And Tomatoes
Patlijan (Sempoog) Banir Dolma (Letsvadz) Cheese Stuffed Eggplant
Siserr Chick Peas
Vospov Khema Lentil Dish
Mushosh Lentils With Apricots
Vospov Pilaf Lentil Dish
Tutumov Boerag Zucchini Pie
Serim Baked Dough With Yogurt
Sou-Boerag Flaky Cheese Pastry
Spanagh Boerag Baked Cheese And Spinach With Filo
Spanagh-Banir Boerag Baked Spinach-Cheese With Filo
Banir, Spanagh, Yev Yerishta Cheese, Spinach, Noodle Casserole
Havgitov Spanach Baked Spinach And Eggs
There are a lot of dishes in Armenia that are actually Vegetarian by default. This means that these dishes are truly composed of just vegetables. There is no meat that is added to those dishes even before. There are also some Armenian dishes that may be changed in order to accommodate Vegetarians. A lot of the vegetarian dishes in Armenia may be composed of potatoes and bread but there are still others that are available that will allow Vegetarians to actually thrive and love the food in Armenia. One such dish that Vegetarians love a lot is Basooc Dolma. This is actually a dish that is made out of pickled cabbage leaf and it contains various spices that will make the taste even more amazing. This is one Vegetarian dish that would have to be served cold and it is just amazing. You have to remember though that when it comes to becoming a Vegetarian, this is always a bit hard. There may be times when Vegetarians feel like they are already being defined because of their food choices. Becoming a Vegetarian in Armenia may be a bit complicated because their dishes may not contain all the vitamins and nutrients that Vegetarians need. It is always a hard choice but ethics can always play a huge role on the decisions that people make.
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