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Things for Armenians to do on a date

Are there protocols on what to do on the first date? Of course there are, depending who you ask, one’s cultural upbringing would determine a certain action. Yes, indeed, cultural ‘codes’ dictate on how a certain someone would conduct him or herself on the first date, and what would they mutually agree to do together.


Where to though? Depending what you intend to discover about that mysterious someone entirely depends where you go.

  1. Dinner, undoubtedly, is always anticipated on the first date, and selecting the right place would certainly create a positive mood. In addition, avoiding ethnic food at any cost would, utterly, eliminate any biased signals. Hence, NO ethnic food on the first date, instead a night out for a steak or seafood would do the trick.
  2. Though dinner on the first date sounds truly a romantic gesture, Sunday Branch may be another pleasant idea. There is nothing better then sleeping in on a Sunday morning, and waking up fresh, looking forward towards a day with someone special and glass of Mimosas or peach snaps (personal favorite :o) would cheer up your Sunday mood.
  3. Why not use nice sunny days to our advantage on our first date? A Picnic at the park may sound a daunting first move, however, it would be a date to remember for many years to come. Red wine and variety of sandwiches would, undoubtedly, set a tranquil tone for the rest of that first date.
  4. Hot weather? Head to the Beach on your first date! If you are an Armenian male, take cold beers and frozen packaged cocktails in the cooler with some salty trail mix, and if you are an Armenian female, a bathing suit, a blanket, a towel and your presence should give him plenty to be thankful for and ending the day with watching the sunset would perfectly set the mood for another date.
  5. As mentioned above, certain societies including Armenians prefer one quality to the other, and depending what one’s looking to discover about the potential mate, the place or the thing to do together should be done accordingly. If one were funny by nature and loved to laugh, presumably, they would want to take their date to a comedy club. Armenian society is, at large, a humor bound culture, and many Armenian comedians are well known around the Armenian diaspora. Perhaps comedy club would work well on the first date to lighten up the mood, because lets face it, who doesn’t like to laugh?
  6. Coffee date is always in trend. Almost everyone stops by a coffee shop during the day, and why not make that stop about your date. Coffee dates seldom initiate tension and pressure. First date at the coffee shop also does not require too much effort on your part; just being yourself and engaging in a genuine conversation would bring out the casual qualities of you and your date.
  7. Are you a foodie? Why not take your first date to Armenian Traditional Market? Armenian food, sweets, and items to explore at the market with your date, and it would be fun to get a sense of your date’s likes and dislikes. There might be things that you notice and admire in your date, which subsequently might lead to another date.
  8. Invited to a friends’ party? Don’t go alone, where you might end up looking another loner and that’s never fun, take your date with you; even if it’s you first date. This would be a great opportunity to explore the kind of friends your date hangs out and shares secrets with on a regular basis. Your friends’ might even give you an advice or two, after all your friends’ sincere opinion counts.
  9. Is he/she a big fan of music, why not take a first date to a concert they would truly enjoy. You’ll enjoy music and your date’s gratitude, and who know it may even earn you a second date. Dating an Armenian single? Take him/her to an Armenian concert, that’ll brighten up the overall mood.
  10. Finally, going to the movies would be the 10th thing you want to do on your first date. If you want to take things slowly and play it safe, then movie it is. At the movies you don’t get to talk a lot, which male dates prefer not to do anyways, especially Armenian male dates.


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