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Honesty, Intelligence, Respect & Family

Boxing 23 years including MMA. Extremely raw personality. I am extremely close to nature & rocks fascinate me. I like phone and in person interactions. Einstein's famous quote "the day that technology takes over human interaction we're doomed." I have a doctorate degree and I would describe myself as extremely spiritual. Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung I am a huge fan of including Charles Darwin. Comedystore junkie. Wim Hoff method & I am fascinated by Shaolin monks. Narcissistic personalities who cripple other people's minds for dominance and control with lovebombing and gaslighting, I am completely self aware and mindful of those. 3 stages of a narcissist: lovebombing, devaluing and discarding. Please run the other way when you see these signs because a narcissist is unable to give and receive love. They feed off of narcissistic supply and euphoria. Broken empty souls crushed by childhood trauma and there is no cure for them. You're just a shiny toy in their garage, one of many. They are vampires, vultures and predators and they cripple people's souls especially targetting empaths. Warning: they are radioactive material hazardous to your health. These blood-sucking leeches come in 3 forms but all share similar traits: covert, grandiose and malignant. People this world is about good versus evil, not Bentley's and Rolls-Royce's. Narcissistic devils you'll get your answer from God because God is way more powerful than satan.

5'  2"   (157 cm)
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Doctoral Degree
Medical / Health / Fitness / Social Services
I'll tell you later
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What languages do you speak?
English, Armenian, Russian, Spanish
Favorite Music
Dance / Electronica / House, Classical, Latin, Lounge / Chill, Middle Eastern / Persian / Arabic, Rock & Roll, Hard Rock / Metal
Favorite Actors
God is love.
Favorite Actresses
When you reject/ignore/walk away from a narcissist it causes narcissistic injury/rage. This is extremely painful for them because this is when they realize the false facade isn't real. It's like taking them off of life support. They targeted you because they thought in their dillusional mind that you don't have a brain and will never walk away. Lol Nothing will destroy the narcissist more than you acting like they dont exist in your world. And they dont.
Favorite Artists
They appear out of nowhere plunging you into darkness because thats where they are stuck their entire miserable lives.
Favorite Athletes
They try to take your identity/personality away from you because they have no foundation/structure. They will collapse immediately without stealing your foundation that you built your entire life..
Favorite Authors
They just float around the earth like a ghost of the victims they have destroyed.
Favorite Bands
They just exist. They have no purpose, empty shells and nothing has any sentimental value to them.
Favorite Hangouts
These mentally ill creatures see catastrophe/distress/suffering/dysfunction as healing & entertaining taking them out of reality as usual.
Favorite Books
Every single supply they come across loses its potency and has an expiration date.
Favorite Cities
A narcissist is exactly like a drug addict doing a line of cocaine and increasing the dosage thinking its gonna make them feel better. There is no greater high to a narcissist other than converting a happy person into a miserable wreck like themselves. This is their high in their mentally sick mind..
Favorite Clothing Stores
They do all this to feel important, a sense of entitlement, superiority complex and to distract them from self-reflection on what is actually wrong with them (a mental disorder). They are cursed for life.
Favorite Colors
They see you as an extension of themselves. As their possession/investment and once that Rolex goes missing (which is exactly how they see you as an object) they will keep you under careful surveillance and hunt you down. In their entitled minds you are their property and you belong to them for life.
Favorite Country
Flying monkeys are people sent by the narcissist to act on his behalf. Monkey see monkey do. They are extremely similar to the narcissist and they are there to stalk/harass/abuse you. The main narcissist will recruit his flying monkeys in a cult group to do the dirty work for him.
Favorite Drinks
A flying monkey is a minion who takes direct orders from its master. They help prevent the narcissistic abuse machinery from breaking down.
Favorite Fashion Designers
Emotionally healthy individuals would under no circumstances engage in toxic/highly narcissistic behaviors.
Favorite Fast Foods
They target you because youre real, something they're not and will never be. They are artificially manufactured pieces of shits to produce a desired effect.
Favorite Magazines
The most badass way to defeat the narcissist is to withdraw your attention/emotions. Since they extract a part of your soul no matter where they run they will always remember you as the one who got away. One thing people never ever forget is the way you made them feel. Theyre always gonna look for you in others.
Favorite Comedies
These energy-sucking leeches/predators bark more than they bite
Favorite Dramas
Look within yourself and be at peace with yourself.
Favorite Horror Movies
They will create a psychological trap in which you are unable to escape. Once you meet the narcissist, there is no escape. They will do whatever it takes to remain in your life.
Favorite Action Movies
Dont retaliate/counteract with master manipulators because arguments/conflicts are their playground. They lack empathy but theyre impressive with cognitive empathy. They dont feel emotions like normal human beings because their disorder is designed to block emotions for defensive purposes/survival. They've studied facial expressions, body language and tone of voice since childhood.
Favorite News Anchor
Don't let them pull you out of your frame. They have abandonment issues and they can't just let you go. Once you get involved with them, thats it for life. It's like this unspoken contract that you agreed to by just engaging with them, you have to abide by these rules that you have no knowledge of, just because they thought of it in their dillusional minds.
Favorite Night Clubs
In the armed forces/airforce they break people down then they lift them up. These vampires lift you up then they try to break you down..
Favorite Place To Be Kissed
These emotional manipulators use coercive control & intermittent reinforcement to distort your reality and erase your identity. They want to isolate you from friends/family so you dont get reminded by them of the person you used to be. Eventually their main goal is for you to adopt their identity and for the narcissist to adopt your stolen identity. Extremely lethal behavior. They do this because they havent healed their wounds from the past and control gives them power over you. They dont wanna be hurt again.
Favorite Plays
When the psychopath discards you, its just a manipulative tactic for you to comply to their demands. Theyre sitting around waiting for your reaction so you can prove to them that you are everything they thought you were. Its designed to punish you to comply to their needs because you are not gonna obey them by them being polite. Just pathetic...
Favorite Politicians
They want you to fight for them during the discard phase. Its not because they lost interest. Its trickery designed for you to fight for them and to prove to them that you're loyal.
Favorite Sports Teams
You're like a test tube in a chemistry lab allowing these vampires to add any poisonous chemical they want in you to cause a combustion (methane gas).
Favorite Quote From A Movie
The truth is they want to make you feel exactly the way they felt during childhood.
Favorite Restaurants
Character assassination: these demons/sadistic vultures will deconstruct by removing any people/objects that resonate with your character and construct the character they want you to have by adding people/objects to your proximity that reasonate with the character they want you to have (evil/narcissistic character).
Favorite Songs At The Moment
They're game over once you stop believing in the facade and stay grounded to your own reality. Only trust nobody but yourself in life and never give your life to anyone. You are whole and complete by yourself. Nobody is here to save you.
Favorite Sports
Little child having a tantrum, screaming louder for attention and thinking you are their parent. They think you have an inherent responsibility to take care of them. Didnt mommy and daddy warn you not to play with fire? Its all an illusion they orchestrated for you to believe they have something valuable to offer. They dont and they will destroy everything you stand for because of jealousy/envy. Basically they wanna be you and they tap into your subconscious mind by psychoanalysis.
Favorite Stocks
If they cant have you (meaning destroy you) nobody can either. You are an extension of them and you belong to them.
Favorite TV Comedies
In my mind the only human quality they possess is their extreme desire to belong somewhere. They do all this manipulation/orchestrated illusion/demonic acts for acceptance in order to belong somewhere.
Favorite TV Dramas
They will rather see you dead and suicide is their ultimate goal. They use the same tactics used by serial killers and child molesters. Its like a child molester buying candy to persuade a child.
Favorite TV News Sources
Any sexual contact with a predator will result in mind control and your ability to resist them. Avoid contaminating your pure body with demonic poison/snake venom which allows them to tap into your subconscious mind/mind contamination. These demons dissect the human mind. Unlike doctors like us who actually dissect cadavers for educational purposes (Netters Atlas of Human Anatomy), these leeches dissect the human mind for evil purposes. They know that once they have access to your body, they have access to mind manipulation/lethal control. No matter how often a snake sheds its skin, its still a snake.
Favorite Foods
Everything that attracted you to them was a mirror of you ( your stolen identity). What they dont realize is that the part of you they extracted/stole from you was a simulation of you (not real). They think you want them back because you want that part of you they stole which was an imitation of you. It was an illusion and wasn't real. Basically these demons want your soul as a sacrifice (emotional murderers). Narcissistic supply means more to them than any human being and if you die in the process, so be it because they don't care about you. What narcissists want is for you to sacrifice your soul for their survival purposes. When you first meet them you are perfect to them and they admire you. But then something weird happens in their dillusional mind. They want your soul to take your power away from you. The perfect crime but the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime. All the pain/suffering/trials/errors you went through to become who you are today, these grandiose/illusionary/entitled/arrogant/privileged predators want you to surrender and voluntarily hand it to them. All the manipulation/trickery is designed to tap into your subconscious mind, for you to surrender by losing your identity, adopting theirs and them stealing your identity away from you (character assassination). Object of desire: they present an illusion thats unattainable/unreachable and they place it 10 steps ahead of you at all times. Because if you were ever to grasp it with your own hands, you would realize that it doesn't even exist.
Favorite Styles Of Music
They're constantly on survival mode (fight/flight response) like a leaking airplane fuel tank constantly seeking supply. Remember everything is an illusion including the discard phase. It isn't real.
If you are a narcissist reading this, I am not looking down on you in any way or form. You are most likely the product of a narcissistic parent, but there is no excuse for your behavior. You have to take accountability for your actions and self reflect. You have to look within and find your answers because
I would have accepted you for who you are. You didn't need to do all this demonic/evil manipulation to not feel abandoned. I would never abandon a wounded soul ever. You had the right target but failed with your demonic actions. Your wounds could have been healed if you were yourself and not this evil soul you portray to be. Deep down I know you have a tiny bit of humanity in you and you need to focus on that rather than being Lucifer.
These psychopaths are impressive with perception management. They fail without you because you are their life support keeping them alive. They can be going through a nightmare but if you ask them, they are living their best life (dillusional).
Lil wayne-MiRrOR featuring Bruno Mars
Narcissist (n): a more polite term for a serf-serving/manipulative/evil asshole with no soul.
What I wanna witness is a narcissist versus a narcissist. Whose gonna be the predator and who is gonna be prey lol. Inevitable.
When their supply starts slipping away, there is nothing in the world they won't do to retrieve this. It is the most soul-crushing/demeaning/painful experience they will have to go through in their entire life, although they are still watching you from far, it destroys them in the end.
Their character isn't real and is constructed by a house of cards with no foundation. Without any regards to you, they will either force you into submission or they will give you the silent treatment.
Their disorder is designed to block the strongest emotion that will save them-love. If you love the narcissist, this will make them reflect back on their true selves (shameful/worthless/not lovable/abandoned). Its not because they lost interest. Its because they think there is something wrong with you for loving their true selves. They only make an effort to secure you as a source of supply. Once they know you're not going anywhere, no effort will be made on their behalf.
You are dealing with an emotionally underdeveloped toddler who has seized to develop emotionally due to abuse/neglect/trauma in childhood. You are a joke to them and they don't take anyone/anything seriously. The world is their playground and to avoid serious situations they start playing with their toys/play peek-a-boo.
Board Games
The alternate reality they create for you cannot be sustained for long periods of time. It's not real.
Business Finance
They program you to have the role of a child in order for you not to be a threat to them. Honey I was with a narc for 6 years & he couldn't control me for shit. Thats how strong I am for your dillusional mind to comprehend because I am not the type to be tamed ever. You're not the 1st narc in my life, what you didn't realize initially. Lol so you can eat shit now. He didnt change me for shit in 6 years. In fact I ended up changing his narc ass.
Chess game is over lol. Didnt I tell you day 1 you have a dark side several times? Lol A persons eyes never lie. A narcissists eyes look like a ghost with no soul. The eyes are the windows to the soul. My German nostrils/radar can detect a narc from a mile away. So your dark/empty mind needs to realize
Card Games
Once you become a puzzle to them, they won't try to pull everything apart. For them to chase you, you have to be mysterious so they can place the puzzle pieces back together.
Their behavior is obsessive so it is not that easy for a narcissist to just forget about you.
Your sole purpose was to save these demons from their own inner self destruction.
They will eat the cake, extract all the narcissistic supply out of you, leave you at a vegetative state and walk away like you never existed. In the end you are left with the plastic bag and they throw that in the trash before they leave. Lol. Impressive demonic illusion if you ask me and please see where you get in life continuing this viscious lethal cycle.
I swear it reminds of the movie where the main male character (malignant narcissist) is injecting his girlfriend with regional anesthesia to prevent her from walking to control her (anesthesia of the lower extremities).
Community Service
Huge thank you to narc survivor, narc ology and psychopath exposure. Narc survivor you are insane on this topic and amazing soul work. I cannot thank you enough. You are one of the kindest souls alive.
A narcissist is not capable of true intimacy. Their Intimacy is artificially manufactured and is not real. Whatever intimacy they displayed in the beginning of the relationship was just mirroring you/what you wanted to see. They have to reject Intimacy for their own survival in order to move on to the new source of supply without being attached to you. The narcissist wants you to be attached to them, not the other way around. Therefore, intimacy must be rejected by them to prevent attachment on their end. It is a must to reject Intimacy for their own survival. The false Intimacy/mirroring you displayed initially is only to secure you as a source of supply and is an illusion.
They do all this circus entertainment at your expense because they think they are at harm at all times, scarcity on narcissistic supply and you will abandon them. Entertain a clown and you will become part of the circus.
If you ever try to love a narcissist, it will trigger them to reflect back in time when they really wanted to be loved but nobody was there to love them (most likely narcissistic parents). It will trigger a narcissistic injury/rage. You are desplaying something they wanted soo desperately during childhood but never got.
I dare your devil ass to dissect my brain (just remembered all the formaldehyde years in cadaver lab), because that is an illusion in your pathetic mind. Its soo complicated that you're brain will get dissected in the process (quite relevant on my profile) of trying to scratch it all by itself before my prefrontal cortex ever gets touched. Lol. You will never ever understand my mind no matter how deep you try to dive into my subconscious mind in your dillusional mind. Waste of your precious/reckless narcissistic time so fuel up your leaking airplane fuel tank elsewhere where there are no brain cells present.
Imagine a baby with a diaper on pressing the elevator floor request buttons. The floor request buttons are the shiny toys the baby is playing with and each one represents your life. The baby keeps pressing different buttons because he wants his diaper to be changed quicker, so he keeps going from one floor to the next. The baby with a pacifier can't decide which floor (narcissistic supply) changes his diaper quicker.
God forbid we walk away we would be stealing our own mind, body & soul. Lol. If you try to love them they will repel thinking
The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene & The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene.
Eminem-No Love featuring Lil Wayne
Describe the perfect evening.
Mirroring, gaslighting, future faking & hoovering. Everytime they put the mirror in front of you causing you to self-reflect, go offensive mode like in basketball and place the mirror in front of them. Force them to self-reflect on their emotions because this will cause narcissistic rage. Focus on stating their feelings to remind them that they are the perpetrators and there is no need for you to defend yourself. Take your power back because they are poweless without you. Let them own their emotions. Never ever sell your sword to anyone.
Describe your perfect weekend.
My page is dedicated to narcissistic personality disorder victims or spiritual warriors. Awareness on dealing with devil's puppets. The devil uses them as puppets and they are completely unaware.
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Everything is planned/orchestrated/coordinated like a strategic movie to produce a desired effect on purpose. It isn't real.
How many kids would you like to have?
These leaches are out to destroy souls. They are running away from their true selves. Sometime in childhood they have abandoned their true selves. They are emotionally children but highly intelligent having a 2 year old tantrum. They mirror others and future fake pretending to be your soulmate or twin flame. They hate themselves therefore they do whatever they can in their power to extract supply out of empathetic souls. If youre in the discard phase that means they are grooming several others in their grandiose movie they play with their masks on. Thats how they feel about themselves...And they project that jealousy upon others. How you treat others is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself.
How important is someone's physical appearance to you?
As sick and twisted as this may seem, its true. They just want to extract a part of you. They want attention to feel important, desirable & attractive because they cannot obtain self worth on their own with the false narrative they created as an illusion in their pathetic minds.
If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?
They listen to a malevolent voice which guides them. They do anything in their power to bait you in to provoke you.
What is the purpose of marriage?
They're antisocial psychopaths therefore they target dating sites.
What is the most important lesson that you've learned?
They're insecure brats trying to boost their shameful worthless egos with supply. You're nothing but an object to them.
What do your friends like about you most?
Theyre ultimate goal is for you to endanger yourself in some form or another. Please people educate yourselves because knowledge is power. I have been through 2 nightmare experiences in my life and I am passionate about helping others and being the light for other souls out there.
What do your friends tease you about the most?
The false facade self is everything they are not. It's all an illusion they create with a mask on to hide behind the insecure psychopaths aka devil's puppets they are. Because the false facade is not real its just an illusion/idealistic version of who they want to be but arent, they cannot generate emotional stability from within.
What gets on your nerves?
Mirroring and gaslighting is one of their ultimate possessions to distort your reality and cause cognitive dissonance.
What is the most important thing in a relationship?
They are pathological liars. The truth makes them panic. They are fragile unstable robots. Inhuman in every way possible. Please go no contact and run the opposite direction. They might try to hoover you with their flying monkeys. Ive done intense studying on these psychopaths and they are scared brats. Afraid of their own self. They can't stand being alone because this reminds them of who they really are.
What's the best age to get married?
They want you under their manipulative spell as slaves. The truth makes them feel like their prey is escaping.
What turns you off?
The reason narcissists are out to destroy souls is because someone has done the same to them in their past and they have never self reflected/recovered. They truly live in an illusion because they cannot accept reality. The devil masquerades as an angel of light. Lucifer was the most beautiful angel.
What turns you on?
They are miserable psychopaths who constantly need supply like oxygen. They try to cripple whoever they come across and expect that soul to go back to them for self validation. Theyre behavior is obsessive and ones you cross their path they think they own you for life. If it seems they have discarded you watch out because they are watching you. They engage in this manipulative trickery because they want a part of your soul. They want a part of you and your reaction/emotions fulfills their void. Pathetic monsters if you ask me.
What do you hope to be doing five years from now?
They inflict pain and watch you suffer. This is a joy to them aka narcissistic supply. They feed off of inflicting pain on other souls. Staying with them is like being the boxing heavy bag and allowing these psychopaths to punch you in a jab, upper cut, power right hand, hook. etc. You name it they will punch in all sort of creative ways and expect you to be defenseless to these punches. Over my dead body you will allow this. Please walk away and never look back ever again. You see punk ass when you decide to punch a martial artist there is something called adversity effect. Get knocked out 7 times in boxing stand up eight. We will find all sort of creative and artistic ways to strike back. Its called intense training for decades that you cannot beat. Even your devil ass.
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