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Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu
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someone special to lead a beautiful life

I own green businesses in eco tourism, bio architecture, organic farming and green real estate. I have a warrior's heart and a poet's soul. I am a very kind affectionate loving man. I am driven, hardworking, and have a very positive outlook towards life. I never give up or lose heart and always look towards improving myself, becoming a better person each day. I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh and smile :) Im very family oriented and love children. I want to have a beautiful family life with someone special who has good values and have children and devote my life to my family. I dont have a particular type when it comes to looks, we are all blessed with an individual beauty, where a nice smile compounded with a lovely personality can draw you to someone. I'd be blessed if I met someone who is kind, very loving and affectionate. Someone who is very nurturing, with good values, as I'm the same.

6'  0"   (183 cm)
Family Roots
East Indian
My Lifestyle
Has Kids
Wants Kids
Master's Degree
Entrepreneurial / Start Up
Over $100,000
What languages do you speak?
Favorite Music
Pop, Acoustic, Classic Rock, Country, Latin
Favorite Books
The Road Less than Traveled By Scott Peck
Favorite Sports
Tennis, Golf, Football, Snooker, Ultimate Frisbee, Racquet ball
I have four dogs
Adventurousness Somewhat Daring
Affectionateness Very Doting
Confidence Very Confident
Independence Somewhat Independent
Mood Intense
Romance Very Romantic
Sociability Somewhat Extroverted
Thought Process Very Analytical
Tolerance Compliant
Dress Somewhat Formal
Energy Very High
Go Party Sometimes
Religion Large Part
Neatness Average
Punctuality Often Early
Spending Somewhat Thrifty
Work Ethic Driven
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Imagine a world where once you were a little girl growing up dreaming of a prince to sweep you off your feet, and now as a grown woman you want the same and more, a world where you have dreams and aspirations and finding a partner where you both work towards supporting each others dreams, where you know your dreams are his, and his yours.. they are the same and when you are together everything is right and even when you are away and traveling, you are still together in spirit and in each other's hearts.. I picture a passionate loving relationship filled with intense lovemaking, with kindness and laughter, where is there is a lot of open communication between both partners, long deep conversations and light playful teasing, and where there is a desire to see both partners grow and flourish. Where we grow in love each day and care for each other and show affection in the way that we both like to receive it. I would like to bring a smile to her lips each day and help her achieve her dreams and aspirations and its a two way street and I would want the same.. let's challenge each other to grow, to be kinder, to be better people, to achieve both our dreams, to be one in heart, soul, spirit and body.. to enjoy a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual chemistry that is unrivalled.. to hunger for each other's touch and yet be at peace and enjoy the contentment and bliss knowing we have each other
How many kids would you like to have?
Im divorced have a beautiful daughter who is eleven. I would like to have at least one more child.
What is the purpose of marriage?
To grow in love as a couple and have a beautiful family life together.
What do your friends like about you most?
I'm a man who is very loving and will never lie to you even though sometimes you have to package the truth in love. I take my integrity seriously and I believe in honesty. If you ask me anything, I will tell you the truth and I expect the same from you. I will always respect and honour you as long as its mutual. I'm a man who knows what I want. Or who I want. I know often right away if I like you and doesnt need to date around or explore my other options to be sure of my feelings. Sometimes though I know that love takes time as people open up in time and am patient. My heart only beats for a special few people I'm a man who wants a deep relationship. I want to hear long conversations about your life, I want to hear stories about your past, I wants to understand your pain and I want to add value to your life. I want a real relationship that goes beyond going out and having fun, I want to be with you for the good times and also the tough times. I also can have very silly playful conversations, and love to laugh.. laughter is so underrated and I think its very important in a relationship to laugh together, and at each other.. to not take each other too seriously all the time.. I am not afraid of intimacy. I am not afraid of getting closer or risking getting hurt in the process. I dont think it will entrap my freedom or make me vulnerable. I am not afraid to be vulnerable with the woman I love. Love and intimacy go hand in hand and I will always cherish the beauty of love making and intimacy in relationships. I am very empathetic and often can see through you. I can see and feel who you really are and what makes you vulnerable. You will be able to be completely yourself and comfortable around me, because I'll accept you as you are. I cannot love a person in pieces, I take the good with the bad.. I really like consistency in a relationship. I'm not a big fan of inconsistency or flaky behavior. I desire a strong connection and a solid bond and I know that consistency is the foundation of that bond. I dont believe and participate in dating games.. If I like you I wont play hard to get, I will let you know that I like you and how much.. life is too short for such games.. I'm a study in contrasts, I can be very easy going and light hearted and yet passionate and intense.. I know how to love deeply. If you cant love deeply then we are not a match.. I cant casually date a woman I'm in love with and cant be friends with someone I have feelings for.. I know when someone cant meet me halfway and will slowly detach myself from anyone anyone who is not willing to give me the deep love I am looking for.. love is not effortless, it requires a lot of effort and is worth every bit of it.. I am very patient but I won't wait for you indefinitely for you to make up your mind or watch you be hesitant about me. I am strong and passionate and will not waste my emotions on someone who doesnt appreciate my depth and love. Even though I am looking for a special kind of love, I'm not afraid of being on my own.
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