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Age: 41|Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran

"looking for you.Напишите мне непосредственно к persianman76 в ГМЕЛДАТКАМ"
Hi every body I am regular member, so I can not send you message here But if you write your personal information in your message, problem is solved. I am here because I admire Christians Read more >

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Age: 50|Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran

"Honest, Educated and Lovely"
I am looking for serious relation as a partner. Please be yourself and do not play with people.Is there any strong and kind heart? Read more >

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Age: 42|Tehran, Iran

"Good friend"
I don't really want to fill this in right now. They don't exactly give you the opportunity to scope the place out do they? I just wanted to take a quick peek and here I am divulging the Read more >

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Age: 50|Tehran, Iran

"hi bareav"
I am 38 years old ,armanian parskahai,i am single , i like trip i like music ,verey happy girll ..... Looking For: verey honest beutiful and............. shade khelok siron shenorkin Read more >

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Age: 39|Tehran, Iran

"honesty is the best policy"
I'll write this part late but I apriciate the honesty so much so be honest from the begining and don't even lie for a little thing Looking For: I'll write this part little later,just now Read more >

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Age: 55|Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran

I realy do not have much to say, I am a quite person,like to read,would like to meet a quite person,love to dance, and socialize.... Looking For: would like to meet a quite person,who likes Read more >

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Age: 44|, Iran

"I'm a honest & warm hearted 36yr old down to earth male."
I work with children,I'm kind, fun & funny!I love to meet people and travel.Not really sure what else to write...go on contact me... Looking For: FEMALE they are Read more >

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Age: 39|, Iran

yes sirum em bolore lav deg ,lav mart ev lav doostdare edalat hastam va namardi ro doost nadaram .mard bash o hamishe mard bash ta betooni mardanegi o amoozesh bedi Read more >

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Age: 39|Tehran, Iran

"I'll tell you later...."
I'm a quiet, introvert,sensitive person...i like everythings that make me feel relax..i like sports,music,poem..i love energetic,thoughtful,active,relax,flexible,kind ,sympathetic Read more >

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Age: 30|Tabriz, Iran

You are always on my mind, Your face is all it can find. I think about you every day And know it’ll work out somehow, some way. Read more >

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Age: 35|Tehr?n Dasht, Iran

"i love womens"
im a interior designer. im working in iran. im looking a women with blues love. im a single man in my counry Read more >

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Age: 48|, Iran

"LOVE people"
i am a civil eng. i love my job caz i make some new buildings and roads and ...i am very kind. i like people nad like to know them.i have a lot of friends. Read more >

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Age: 54|Tehran, Iran

"Are you the woman for me?"
i enjoy doing exercise, and like to find a nice and beautiful fit girlfriend. i love nature and also photography from the nature, i go mountain and skiing. Read more >

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Age: 43|Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran

I will let this part open to the people who are interested to know me better, so do not hesitate, just ask me, I will be glad to hear from you. Read more >

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Age: 35|Moallem, Iran

Barev . I,m Armenian but i live in Iran . I am Single.I would like to find a good girlfriend . Read more >

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