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Age: 57|Trondheim, Norway

"Hello beautiful stranger!"
Hello beautiful stranger! I am a man at 49 living in Trondheim in Norway. I look very young and I'm blonde with blue eyes as many scandinavians. I'm 173/78. I have old but active Read more >

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Age: 37|, Norway

"Norwegian Viking"
Im looking for friendship and maybe some more, across the border. The world is a big place, but maybe there is a soulmate out there somewhere! Read more >

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Age: 34|Oslo, Oslo, Norway

"Looking for friendship"
We make many friends, Some become Dearest, Some become Special, Fall in love with someone, Some go abroad, Some change their cities, Some leave us, We leave some, Some are in contact, Some Read more >

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Age: 40|Sarpsborg, Ostfold, Norway

"Love comforteth like sunshine after rain."
I am sure that I will find my part somewhere in the world but where nobody knows it. I am a kindly person but not the best i dont like to lose my life therefore i will find my part Read more >

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Age: 44|Oslo, Oslo, Norway

"Доброго времени суток!"
Повстречать спутницу , живущую в "реальном" мире , имеющую жизненные ценности и принципы, умеющей жить счастливо духовно, не взирая на материальное благослстояние Read more >

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Age: 32|Oslo, Oslo, Norway

"Open for networking"
I'm expanding my network with fellow Armenians throughout Europe and Armenia. I am interested in getting to know more open-minded Armenians who stribe for a liberal, inclusive and just Read more >

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Age: 38|Drammen, Buskerud, Norway

"Looking for relationship"
Im kind friendly humble funny person . Like open minded person for relationship next month I will travel to Armenia hopefully find my real sule mate. Read more >

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Age: 29|Bergen, Hordaland, Norway

"looking ♡♡♡"
i am from Lithuania , born there grew up :) living in Norway. Searching wife :) Read more >

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